Webinar: Battery-Powered Aviation
11:00:00 - 12:15:00 Eastern
Event Description
Free Webinar on Battery-Powered Aviation
The Vertical Flight Society (VFS) will host two special webinars covering the GAMA paper
“Managing Range and Endurance of Battery-Electric Aircraft.” The first will have BETA’s Dr. Steven Foland comparing batteries to liquid fuels, covering fundamentals of battery performance modeling, and discussing energy management pitfalls that sensible battery management can avoid.
Setting: Live Virtual
Zoom - Hosted by VFS
Contact Person
Al Lawless
(phone: 3364221093)
This must-see will be followed by a later meeting addressing performance management, indication systems, and reserves. VFS will share the session recordings with those who cannot attend.
Join the first meeting 20 February, 11am Eastern Time
 Zoom meeting ID: 959 2737 6194, Passcode: 628364 or
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